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Scuba Diving Groups

Follow our team to the “deep” end of fun

Leave the vibrant island life on Crete behind and immerse yourself in a world where tranquility and silence prevail. If this is your first time diving, hang on tight: an unparalleled, out-of-the-ordinary experience awaits you. If you’re coming back for one more dive, remember the feeling of freedom the world of water has given you. It is a feeling so unique that it’s used in a simulation exercise designed for astronauts!

Our center will provide you with the right gear and all you need to know about the secrets of diving in complete safety, whether you are experienced divers or plain beginners.

Diving levels

Enrolment in one of the groups is determined by each diver’s level of training.


kids > 12

45’ of instruction / 45’ of diving (pool & sea)

65€ (includes gear) / Free transport

It is addressed to children aged 12 years or over interested in getting to know the underwater world. We begin the course by providing group members with information on scuba diving and its gear. Our goal is to help all participants experience the enthusiasm of breathing underwater through the use of a self-contained, underwater breathing apparatus (scuba), at a maximum depth of 2 meters. The initial dive takes place in a pool and is completed with a sea dive.


Kids > 8

20’ of instruction / 60’ of diving

30€ (includes gear) / Free transport

It’s our own version of a swimming course for children 8 years of age and over, using a snorkel and a wetsuit. It is designed for those who wish to stay on the surface of the water. The course takes place under the supervision of a special trainer and includes theoretical instruction on breathing, and the right use of a snorkel, mask, and flippers. Theory is complemented by a guided tour aiming at familiarizing group members with the beach and the surrounding area.

Ideal for families and children. Group formation requires enrollment by 2 or more people.

Discover Scuba Diving


45’ of instruction / 45’ of diving

70€ (includes gear) / Free transport

Our most popular course is for all of you who wish to try diving without becoming holders of a diving certificate. We start with the basic theory on diving and the skills necessary to do so. We then move on to real-life diving under the supervision of a special trainer. During the dive, we will explore the unique feeling of being “suspended” in water, learn the basic commands; and get the chance to observe up close the fish and sea creatures living near the seabed. If we’re lucky, we might even come across some rare species!

Refresh Dive

Certified and advanced divers

20’ of instruction / 45’ of diving

50€ (includes gear) / Free transport

Our Refresh Dive is designed for individuals 12 years of age and over who wish to brush up on their diving skills. This course is mandatory for those who have been away from diving activities for a period longer than 12 months.

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